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Architect located in Fort Lauderdale FL. If you are you seeking for an architect to design your home or for ideas in your room additions project?  residential and commercial architecture 
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We put architectural design on your side 
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New construction, renovations, residential additions & commercial build-out projects, serving the Broward, Palm Beach and Miami Dade county. 
DBA arevalo architecture inc
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We put architectural design on your side
We area an architect corporation licensed by the State of Florida. Located in the Broward County, Florida. Designing building projects in the South Florida Area including Fort Lauderdale- Miami- West Palm Beach metropolitan areas.  
Specializing in commercial, industrial and residential architecture company.
New construction, renovations, residential-house room addition plans & commercial-industrial office-store-restaurant build-out projects. If you need the building design planning of a home-house room-wing addition- mother in law quarters or a home improvement renovation or repair in the interior or exterior of your residence or store-restaurant. Or if you have been given a city building department code violation for construction without a permit give us a call. If you been looking for architects that will do the building design drawings of your project give us a call. 


Save time and money on the planning and design of your next project. DesignsArchitect will help you create your beautiful new construction project, kitchen or bathroom renovation, room addition, or commercial start up building permit. Let us bring your ideas to reality we will help you achieve your dreams

Consider us for your next project addition project. We will recommend ideas and help you create your beautiful new addition or renovation in your property

It is nice to have a nice outside terrace to receive the fresh air. Or to enclose a garage to repurpose it  
as a bedroom or family room. We will work in the drawings to help you create your terrace or garage enclosure

Let us help you put together the plans 
for your new business. We will create 
the design and permit drawings for 
the sucessful permitting your new  


Let us help you with your code violation or building without a permit project. If you received a red tag or a notice of code compliance. Let us look at it and we will design the drawings that you can submit for permit

The general line up of our service offerings are: 
Design documentation for new building projects: 
Our Client wants to build a new building from scratch our main task  
is to asses the site conditions, the clients architectural vision and get together 
a team of architects and consultant engineers to create a set of  
documents that will convey the idea to reality.

Design documentation for building renovation projects: 
Our client wants to renovate a building, change partition layout 
adapt for new use, change windows, doors, or building additions 
our main task is to get together a team of architects and consultant 
engineers to create a set of drawings that will accommodate the new 
building functions. 
Design documentation for correction of as built code violations 
Our client was cited by the city for a construction in progress that or 
completed that was done without obtaining the required city permits 
our main task is to get together a team of architects and consultant engineers 
to create a set of corrective drawings to bring the as built construction to 
current codes
architects construction documents for building permits  
architects schematic design concept drawings or sketches  
architects renderings

We Design architects building construction projects in Broward, Palm Beach and Miami Dade County. I We have done projects in the following locations in Florida: Sunrise, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Boca Raton, Tamarac, North Lauderdale, Sunrise, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Boca Raton, Tamarac, North Lauderdale, Plantation, Lauderhill, Coral Springs, Pompano Beach, Miami Beach, Davie, Pembroke Pines, Hollywood, Dania Beach, North Miami, Coral Gables & Wellington- West Palm Beach Florida.

Our team is comprised of architectural professionals lead by Mr. Arevalo who has many years of experience in architectural design in South Florida. He is a graduate of University of South Florida in Tampa and holds a Bachelor of Science Degree and a Master of Architecture Degree. He also holds several professional licenses in Florida.
Residential Buildings  
Commercial Buildings  
Tenant Improvement  
Warehouse Buildings 
Store Layouts 
Space Planning  
Pre-School Buildings  
Industrial Buildings  
Food Processing  
Convenience Store  
Food Market Buildings  
Drycleaner Buildings  
Medical Clinic Buildings  
Dental Clinic Buildings 
Apartment Buildings 
Barbershop Buildings  
Beauty Salon Buildings  
Repair Shop Buildings 
Room Additions  
Kitchen Design 
Bathroom Design 
Commercial Built Ups 
Day Care Buildings 
Restaurant  Buildings
Office Buildings  
Hospitality Buildings 
Hotel Buildings  
Duplex Buildings 
We currently provide the following technical services 
Basic Architectural Technical Services 
Architects Conceptual/schematic drawings plus architectural  
construction documents by the architect as per each project scope of work 
Custom Technical Services 
Architects Feasability Analysis (by the architect)  
Architects Programming (by the architect)  
Architects Site Evaluation (by the architect)  
Architects Master Planning (by the architect)  
Architects Machine Drawn Renderings (computer generated)  
Architects Hand Drawn Renderings (by artist)  
Architects Building Systems Development (by team of architects & consultants) 
Architects Space Planning (by the architect)  
Residential " by owner" permit documentation support/handling  
Civil Engineering (thru consultants)  
Structural Engineering Design (thru consultants)  
Mechanical Engineering Design (thru consultants)  
Electrical Engineering Design (thru consultants)  
Plumbing Engineering Design (thru consultants) 
Landscape Architecture Design (thru consultants)
We are an experienced professional architect company with many years of experience in the architect field in the State of Florida, striving to give clients the best effort for a product delivered in the best way possible.
The company is leaded by a registered architect who has a wide array of experience in all types of residential & commercial architectural projects including: commercial & industrial projects like retail tenant improvements, offices, retail stores, bookstores, car dealerships, gas stations, industrial warehouses, furniture store warehouses, medical office renovations, dental offices renovations, medical facilities renovations, restaurants, bars, food markets, delis & take outs residential & clubhouse projects like home room additions & renovations, single family homes, multifamily apartment buildings, clubhouses institutional, educational, religious, & financial like schools, churches, municipalities, banks, credit unions 
1. What type of services architects can do: 
Answer: architects can produce two general type of services. One is design services where the architect will produce a design concept or sketch which will is a schematic drawings for visualization by the client of the idea or design solution that the architect is creating. The second type of services are construction documents or commonly called blueprints which are more detailed & developed drawings. 
2. What are blueprints for? 
Answer: architects can produce blueprints for several uses for example: construction of new buildings, renovations, additions, or alterations of existing buildings, permit processing of code violations or of construction without a permit. 
3. What do I do with the blueprints? 
Answer: once you have the architect's blueprints you can contact a contractor to give you a bid for the construction. The contractor once hired will submit applications for building permits in the city which once approved he/she can begin the construction of your building. 
4. If I do a commercial tenant build-up do I need to get a building permit? 
Answer: yes, you will need to submit drawings of the proposed changes to the leased space, if not you will be incurring in a code violation which is generally caught in the periodic inspections by the fire department. 
Our mission to our clients will be to provide outstanding service. Our mission is to help each and every client obtain their desired architects design, and to create an experience that our clients won’t soon forget.We are going to achieve this by surrounding each client with a team of highly skilled individuals who will insure that the client is provided with the architects expertise and support necessary to make their architect design dreams become realities.Mere satisfaction is unacceptable our goal is not to meet our clients' expectations, but to surpass them. The client will, and must, be delighted during every interaction they have with our company. 
We will achieve this by empowering each and every team member with the authority to do whatever it takes to deliver truly outstanding architects services. 

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